Borrowing Tools During COVID-19

COVID-19 Trail Work


In order to borrow tools during this time, you must first complete our COVID-19 Safety Training for Outdoor Volunteers (takes approximately 15 minutes). When you complete the training, be sure to record the certificate number and enter it into the notes section of the tool reservation form. You only need to take this training and provide your certificate number once (not each time you reserve tools). 

This training is also available for you to share with others. If you are borrowing tools to work with a group of volunteers, you might consider having them take it as well.

  • We discourage sharing tools during this time, so please plan accordingly as you make your tool reservation. If possible, take enough tools to allow each person to have their own, or plan to assign tools to people.
  • If you are working with other volunteers, they should plan to bring their own gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment (eye goggles, vests, etc.). We cannot lend that type of equipment during this time.


All tools in the library should be clean and disinfected. There is hand sanitizer in the tool library should you need it.


  • Prior to returning the tools, please clean any visible dirt or grime off tools (using water and soap if necessary). There is NO running water at the Seacoast Tool Library so this must be done PRIOR to returning the tools if they are particularly dirty.
  • At the tool library, use the disinfectant provided to wipe down tools thoroughly, focusing on high-touch areas. Disinfectant will be provided in the form of wipes or spray w/ paper towels.
  • Return tools to their designated spots.


Check Out Tools in the Seacoast (Epping, NH)

Check Out Tools in the Upper Valley (Norwich, VT)

Cleaning Tools