Published: Jun 26, 2018

Donate to Nature Groupie

Not everyone can volunteer for every project posted on Nature Groupie. But everyone can contribute! Consider making a donation to Nature Groupie today.

A gift to Nature Groupie helps build our community of nature-based volunteers who work every day to take care of the lands and waters all over New England.

Nature Groupie shows that our lands and waters need volunteers - there is work to be done!  Every week, more and more volunteer opportunities are listed on our calendar by more than 200 conservation organizations and agencies.  We need to grow our community of volunteers to meet the demand.  Instead of 3,000 volunteers helping take care of New England's land and waters, we need 30,000! 

Using Nature Groupie is free for partners and free for volunteers, but it's definitely not free for us to produce. We love doing it, but it’s an expensive thing to keep going, with lots of communication work to keep our partners and volunteers informed. And our sponsorships don’t cover all the costs of production. So were asking for your support.

Thank you for your donation - every gift counts!

Make a Donation

Note: Donations will be processed through our parent organization, the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

Questions about your donation?  Contact Jim Doyle, UNH Extension: