White Mountain National Forest Survey123 App Instructions


ArcGIS Survey123 App Instructions:

This app or web browser form is a duplicate of the paper form and requires a smartphone.  You can download the app from Google Play or the iTunes store for free.  You can also use it in your internet browser on your phone without downloading the app. 

You shouldn’t need to sign in to anything.  There may be a screen where it wants you to sign in to ArcGIS Online.  Ignore it.

Some benefits include:

  • No dealing with GPS units besides your phone
  • No waiting for partners or volunteers to mail/email their survey sheets to the Forest and no risk of losing sheets
  • Real time results back at the office
  • You don’t need the app, it can be used in a browser. If you do want the app, it is FREE
  • Can be deployed quickly

To use the App:

  • Download the App from Google Play or iTunes store
  • Go to this page on your phone internet browser
  • Click the “Open in the Survey123 field App” button
  • Should open the app on your phone
  • Survey form will come up.  No need to sign in.


  • If you’re using the browser from, you’ll need to open it somewhere before you lose cell signal or it won’t work
  • You can use the app version with or without signal
  • Bring a paper form or two in case your digital form does not work in the field
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible and include pictures!

Get the App:

Survey123 Form Link

For technical help:

Andy Welsh


603 536 6245

Anna Johnston


603-447-5448 x5119