Trail Finder February Photo Challenge

A person taking a photograph in the woods.

Good photos can inspire people to get outside and explore new places. Trail Finder makes it easy for anyone to find a new trail, now they are hoping you can help too!  

WHO: Anyone - you!
WHAT: Inspire others to explore outside by sharing your favorite photos from your outdoor adventures on trails in three categories: best view, coolest trail feature and happiest trail user(s)!
WHERE: Trails across NH & VT
WHEN: February 2021

This February, Trail Finder is looking for your help building their photo library (and hope you get out to explore new and fun trails in the process). We all know how motivating and fun it is to see a great photo of a new trail, and we are hoping you will share that joy with others. Anyone is welcome to participate! All you have to do to participate is take at least one photo and upload it to the Trail Finder website.  At the end of the month we will review the photos and winners will be announced in the following three categories:

  • Best View - a beautiful mountaintop, winter wetland, frozen field....
  • Coolest Trail Feature - the cool bog bridge, impressive rock face, informative trail sign....
  • Happiest Trail User(s) - Smiling hikers, bikers, dog walkers, jumping children....

Wondering how to take a good photo? We've collected a few of our tips and tricks here to help. Winners will receive some fun Nature Groupie gear! We will announce the winners in early March. 


Participation Instructions: 

We held a kick-off training on February 2, 2021, which you can watch HERE.

How to upload your photo to Trail Finder (for more detailed instructions, watch our recorded training):

  1. Go to and create an account (click "Log In" on the top right). Accounts are free, but you do need one to upload photos.
  2. Find a trail to visit by navigating around the map. We especially appreciate photos on trails that don't have any photos yet. If you look at the trails in "list view" trails without photos will look like this:
    An arrow indicates what it looks like when a trail on Trail Finder does not have any photos.
  3. Check out our Nature (Groupie) Photography Tips!

4. Get outside and explore! Take lots of pictures.

5. Log into your Trail Finder account and navigate to the trail you hiked.

6. Click on "Add a Photo" (see picture below) and follow the instructions.

An arrow points the where to click to add a photo to Trail Finder.

7. Repeat until February 28, 2021!

Thank you for participating!!


Please note that all photos uploaded to the Trail Finder website are subject to their Terms of Use, which can be found here: