Join A Nationwide Movement With Your Event

Volunteer Group Shot Pine Island Clean Up

It’s the giving season. Snow has started to fall, lights are being hung up and we are being bombarded by upcoming Black Friday deals.

But this Black Friday, REI is pushing to get people to “Get out. Clean Up”.  As part of their ongoing #OptOutside campaign, they are urging people to share this image and Opt To Act by joining a cleanup event.

To us, this feels like a great moment for Nature Groupie and our partners to connect with a national movement– because we do this stewardship work all the time!

If your organization has one last cleanup project to get done before the winter, this is the perfect opportunity! Post an event happening November 23 - December 8 on our calendar and we will work extra hard to help promote it on social media with REI's hashtags and promotion. This is a great chance to connect in with a national movement, driven by a big company, all about stewardship!