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Volunteers, Through Mud and Cold, Help Southeast Land Trust Build Snowmobile/Pedestrian Bridge

Published Dec 18, 2014
How many people does it take to carry a 20-foot long pressure treated, nearly 200-pound pine pole 200 feet across uneven, soft, wet, muddy ground? More

Watching Winter Birds

Published Dec 6, 2014
Winter is my favorite time of year to watch birds, and it's a great time to participate in volunteer bird surveys such as the Christmas Bird Count and Mid-winter Bald Eagle Survey. More

Volunteers Collect Ticks (and Keds) From Harvested Deer, for Lyme Disease Study

Published Nov 21, 2014
New Hampshire has the unfortunate distinction of being the state with the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the country, a disease transmitted by the blacklegged tick. More

Volunteers Plant Beachgrass, Help Restore Dunes on Plum Island

Published Nov 7, 2014
In late October more than 50 volunteers gathered on the Newbury sand dunes on Plum Island to plant beachgrass. More

Looking on the Bright Side: How to Turn An Invasives Problem into an Opportunity

Published Oct 27, 2014
I spent my last sunny afternoon of Indian summer in the Seacoast on the edge of the Great Bay in Newmarket, NH. More

Removing Invasives--with Machine and Volunteers

Published Oct 8, 2014
The Town of Durham and NRCS partner to deploy a new tool for invasive shrub removal. More

New Hampshire Wildlife Sightings

Published Sep 25, 2014
The Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program is excited to announce the release of its updated online reporting system, NH Wildlife Sightings. More

Pesky Parsnip is Here

Published Sep 8, 2014
In early July I met up with consultant Mike Bald (GotWeeds?) as he was walking a roadside in Norwich, Vermont. More

Walking the Line

Published Aug 31, 2014
Network intern Jo Lewis spent her last two weeks with the NRCS doing easement monitoring baseline reports and eating blueberries. More

Raft-a-Palooza: Kayaking for a Cause

Published Aug 20, 2014
I was somewhere I wouldn’t normally be on a Sunday morning in August—sitting in a canoe on Weirs Beach at the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee. More