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Marsh Madness with U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Published Jun 19, 2017
Stewardship Network Intern, Morgan, worked with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the first two weeks of her internship. More

Enthusiasm is Contagious: 5th Graders Fuel the Garlic Mustard Challenge

Published Jun 6, 2017
Intern Kelley McDonnell ran a Garlic Mustard Challenge pull with 40 middle schoolers and staff. More

Hiking Trails and Mud Season: Caring for Trails When They Need It Most

Published Apr 7, 2017
Mud season is when trails are most at risk of being damaged by hikers’ boots. More

Results from the 2016 Garlic Mustard Challenge: New England!

Published Mar 29, 2017
Are you ready to pull plants for the next challenge? More

Staying Smart About Stewardship Volunteers: 3 Lessons from our Shared Calendar

Published Mar 29, 2017
During our 2016 partner research, we learned that you wanted more information about our users and trends. More

What Our Partners Say

Published Mar 28, 2017
In 2016, the Network conducted a research effort to better understand how our conservation partners use and value the Stewardship Network: New England. More

Why I Go Out on Warm, Rainy Nights

Published Feb 20, 2017
A volunteer's own words on why she helps shepherd salamanders to safety each spring. More

Connecting People to Trails in the Digital Age

Published Feb 14, 2017
UNH Graduate Student and Dalyrmple Community Engagement Fellow, Holly Fosher worked to increase public access to local trail maps. More

5 Moments from the NH Coverts Workshop

Published Jan 23, 2017
A look inside the natural resource workshop that trains volunteers over 3 1/2 days at a rustic camp. More

In Search of Rare Plants

Published Jan 3, 2017
22% of New England’s native plants are rare or deemed historic. These volunteers give their time to help conserve and promote native plants. More