We've sought to include the best stewardship resources for New England. Don't see a resource you find useful? Click here to let us know!

Stewardship Training Guide: Outdoor Skills for Conservation Volunteers

Volunteer training materials for outdoor skills useful for conservation volunteers. Includes handouts and guide. Full Details

Stewardship Training Guide: How to Monitor Conservation Easements

Volunteer training materials for how to monitor conservation easements. Includes best practices, safety considerations, and sample forms. Full Details

Stewardship Training Guide: How to Lead a Nature Walk

Volunteer training materials for how to lead others on a nature walk. Includes instructor's guide, handouts, and activities. Full Details

Tips for Working with Stewardship Volunteers

Want tips for best practices in working with stewardship volunteers? Here are 12 steps to a successful conservation volunteer event, program, or experience. Full Details

Stewardship Workday Checklist

A checklist to help you prepare for an invasive plants workday. Full Details

Sample Volunteer Conservation Easement Monitoring Form

A sample volunteer conservation easement monitoring form. Full Details

Picking Our Battles: A Guide to Planning Successful Invasive Plant Projects

A landscape-scale invasive plant prioritization strategy produced by New Hampshire Fish and Game and the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau Invasive Plant Working Group, with input from over 120 community members and natural resource managers and organizations. Full Details
Beach Blitz Volunteers

Beach Blitz 2015: Collaborative Learning Through Citizen Engagement and Bacterial Analysis Findings

Summary report of the science findings and citizen science approach used in the Beach Blitz 2015, a water quality sampling effort by the New England Sustainability Consortium. Full Details

Tips for Working with Citizen Science Volunteers

Tips for working with citizen science volunteers compiled from UNH Cooperative Extension, Nature Groupie, and other partners who have decades of experience working with citizen science volunteers. Full Details

Stewardship Network: New England 2014 Impacts Poster

Poster summarizing work of the Stewardship Network: New England from launch through Oct. 2014. Full Details