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GET WET Volunteer Training

Green Mountain Conservation Group

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About the Event

On Wednesday, January 22nd from 1 to 4 p.m. Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG) will host a Groundwater Education through Well Water Evaluation and Testing (GET WET!) training session lead by Tara Schroeder for volunteers at GMCG's Blue Heron House. Learn about common contaminants, health concerns and where to go for more information. At this training, participants will learn how they can volunteer to help bring this important drinking water protection program to local schools and libraries. Participants can bring in a sample of their home well water and test it for six parameters, including: chloride, conductivity, hardness, nitrates/nitrites, pH, and iron. This training is for both new volunteers and for teachers and volunteers looking for a refresher course. This can be for both those who would like to help us plan new educational programs about the aquifer, and those who would like to visit schools and perform an educational class. Following the training, there will be time to ask questions and set the classroom schedule for the upcoming program. For more information on GMCG and GET WET! please visit our web page: http://www.gmcg.org/education-2/get-wet/

This program is made possible by generous support from the Pequawket Foundation.

What to bring

Please bring in a sample of your home water 500ml (~2 cups) water sample in a clean jar or bottle following these directions: 1. Remove aerators from faucet; 2. Run COLD water for 10 minutes (water plants or rinse dishes with it); 3. Fill bottle to the TOP & cap tight; 4. Place in refrigerator; 5. Bring to the workshop. Optional: Note taking materials.

Youth Instructions

This training is for adults.


Contact Tara Schroeder at education@gmcg.org or (603) 539-1859.

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