TreeVersity Images


Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

  • January 1–December 31

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



High Adventure





Treeversity is an online citizen initiative based at the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. Anyone can participate from their computer, including families and schools.

You'll learn about plant science and get to explore a visual catalog of the Arboretum’s Living Collections as a participant in Treeversity, the Arboretum’s newest online citizen science initiative, and help to classify over 25,000 historic and contemporary plant images. Your efforts will contribute to the Arboretum’s Plant Image Database and help us bring this valuable digital archive to classrooms around the world! Using the Zooniverse citizen science platform, Treeversity volunteers will classify images from the Arboretum’s Plant Image Database by identifying plant parts and other features. Each volunteer classification adds valuable metadata to this ever-growing database, improving its search function and allowing better access for scientists, educators, and plant-lovers.

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