Green Frog in Pond by Kate Wilcox

Reptile and Amphibian Reporting Program (RAARP)

New Hampshire Fish and Game

  • March 1–September 30

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



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While you’re outdoors spending time in New Hampshire’s woods and wetlands this year, help the Reptile and Amphibian Reporting Program (RAARP) by reporting your wildlife sightings. RAARP is a program coordinated by the NH Fish and Game Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program where volunteers report sightings of reptiles and amphibians from spring peepers to snapping turtles. These reports are extremely valuable to biologists.

Observations are used to determine the distribution of all reptiles and amphibians within New Hampshire.

Reports of less common species are very important. Verified reports of rare species locations are mapped and stored in a database used for land protection and conservation purposes. Reports should be accompanied by a clear photograph whenever possible.

Information, reporting forms, and annual reports are available on the Fish and Game website.

Report Your Sightings