diapensia flowers in White Mountains Appalachian Mountain Club

Mountain Watch with iNaturalist

Appalachian Mountain Club

  • January 1–December 31

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



High Adventure





The Appalachian Mountain Club needs you! Hikers, families, school groups, and conservationists can help scientists track seasonal changes in mountain plants and animals through citizen science programs coordinated by the Appalachian Mountain Club including:

Mountain Watch 

Using the easy-to-use iNaturalist app, volunteer hikers collect information about flowering plants in the high peaks of northern New England. The app will automatically locate you, your photo, and if you’re aren't sure which plant you have observed, the community on iNaturalist, including AMC’s own scientists, will help confirm or identify the plant. By participating in iNaturalist, you can contribute to AMC’s Mountain Watch study to understand seasonal plant development in the context of climate change and improve your own knowledge about plants and the biodiversity of the region. Learn more about how to use iNaturalist (pdf) to support AMC’s citizen science.

A.T. Seasons 

Using the Nature's Notebook app, hikers help track seasonal changes of plants and animals along the Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia