Training new oyster volunteers

Great Bay Oyster Conservationist Program

The Nature Conservancy, New Hampshire Chapter

  • June 1–October 30

This is an ongoing Citizen Science Experience. Contact the sponsoring organization to join in.



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Dock and mooring owners in the Great Bay Estuary are needed to become Oyster Conservationists (aka oyster parents). Help save Great Bay and improve it's water quality by growing oysters off your dock or mooring, to be used in restoration of oyster reefs throughout the Bay.

Oysters are important to NH’s estuaries, providing water filtration and critical marine habitat.  The 90% loss in oyster reefs over the past decades has negatively affected the health of Great Bay.  To help bring back Great Bay’s natural filtration system, The Nature Conservancy and University of New Hampshire work with the local community through the Oyster Conservationist Program to rebuild a sustainable oyster population.

If you own a dock or mooring in Great Bay, we need you!

Oyster Conservation Website

Youth Instructions

Being an Oyster Conservationist is a great activity for entire families!