Spring 2018 is Busiest Yet for Nature Groupie!

Published: Jul 18, 2018

The Nature Groupie website launched in winter 2014, and since then, hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteers have connected through the site for outdoor volunteer projects. The staff at Nature Groupie (based at UNH Extension) collects data every quarter to track volunteer action, involvement by conservation groups, and more. Among other things, we track:

  • Number of events posted to Nature Groupie each quarter
  • Number of different organizations who post volunteer opportunities each quarter
  • Number of people who sign up to volunteer through Nature Groupie each quarter

These are the numbers that help answer the question, is Nature Groupie making a difference?  Are we connecting volunteers to nature-based projects in New England?

Our Busiest Season Yet

Graph Nature Groupie Participation Rates 2018

Nature Groupie continues to grow: spring is always the busiest season for stewardship and citizen science volunteering, but April-June 2018 saw a major leap in both the # of events posted to the calendar (177 different projects) and the number of volunteers who signed up to participate (786).  Graph created by Diane DeVries, Nature Groupie Communications Intern 2018.

The numbers are in for April - June 2018 (our second quarter of the year), and this spring was by far the busiest quarter for Nature Groupie since our launch. We saw a 19% jump in the number of organizations posting to their volunteer opportunities on Nature Groupie (87 different groups in one quarter -- previously, the highest quarter had been 57 different groups). The number of events posted by partners - and the number of volunteers signing up - also spiked this quarter

Thanks to all of our partners for offering amazing ways to volunteer for nature - and to the terrific people who contribute every day as volunteers on projects across the region. You make the Nature Groupie community the vibrant place it is!