Special Alert: Help White Mt National Forest Assess Storm Damage to Trails

Published: Nov 2, 2017

Special Trails Volunteer Alert: 11/2/17

Have you been on or intend to be on any White Mountain trails this upcoming weekend?  If so, we need your help assessing any damage that occurred as a result of the recent storm event.  This information will be vital to our ability to secure funds for repairs.  Forest crews are hard at work assessing road and trail conditions across the Forest.  Unfortunately, we simply do not have enough of our workforce on to complete the rapid assessments ourselves.  That’s where you come in.We are grateful at just how many of you have expressed an interest in helping survey the damage.  The attached forms are the best way for us to receive information from you.  There are two options:

Paper:  For you old school pen and paper types.  Be sure to send these forms and pictures to your respective trail manager or forest contact (or Andy Welsh, below), if you don't have an existing contact).

Download Paper Form

Digital:  Requires a smart phone. This is the preferred way as it updates to a web map automatically.  No need to send these assessments to the trail managers.  See the current mapped trail assessments HERE.

Go to Digital Instructions

We are thankful for your help.  We couldn’t do this without you. As always, remember to play it safe: no trail assessment is worth getting hurt over.  Water is likely to be high and travel may be slow and difficult. See below for a few photos of the storm damage so far.

Andy Welsh
Assistant Recreation and Wilderness, Program Leader
Forest Service, White Mountain National Forest
p: 603-536-6245
71 White Mountain Drive
Campton, NH 03223

Dry River Bridge Storm Damage 2017

Dry River Bridge

Dry River Trail completely washed out

Nanamocomuck Ski Trail Bridge moved down the trail

Above photos courtesy the White Mountain National Forest. Feature photo (top) courtesy Jen Gleason.