Pull it! Garlic Mustard Challenge Events for 2018

Published: Apr 9, 2018

The Garlic Mustard Challenge is upon us! Partners, Nature Groupie staff, and volunteers are getting our gloves ready! Local groups have posted some Garlic Mustard events on our calendar in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Garlic mustard is easiest to find and pull throughout the month of May. Attending a volunteer event and pulling up garlic mustard for a couple hours is the best way to learn how to identify garlic mustard and you'll almost certainly have fun. No pulls in your area? Submit an event of your own!

Explore a map showing action and photos from past years of the Garlic Mustard Challenge in New England.

Did You Know? Garlic Mustard Pesto!

The leaves from garlic mustard are edible (they taste like garlic!) and can be used to make a delicious pesto sauce. Here's the recipe and how-to video, below!