Doublehead Ski Trail Granjam July 29 & 30

Published: Jul 25, 2017

Granite Backcountry Alliance's second GRANJAM event takes place at Doublehead Ski Trail in Jackson, NH on July 29 and 30th! Lovers of backcountry skiing will like this exciting project to clear a new half-mile trail in the White Mountain National Forest. Soon, wintertime adventurers will be able to access the trail via a new parking lot due to be constructed by the Forest Service this fall or next spring.

As a new trail adopter for the White Mountain National Forest, GBA needs to rally volunteer help! Not only will GBA be clearing the bottom half-mile, but as anyone who has skied this trail knows, there are water erosion issues to contend with and overreaching sidelines that need to be cut back. Volunteers will tackle those issues to make it more skiable and enjoyable! GBA will have tooling, some hard hats and coffee! Come ready to have some fun! GBA will also host another party post trail-work day at Black Mountain with special musical guest Junco!

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