Frequently Asked Questions


About the Stewardship Network: New England

Joining the Stewardship Network: New England means joining our e-news bulletin network, so that you'll be connected with other people and organizations doing on-the-ground stewardship and citizen science in New England.  Our aim it to build a large base of people interested in volunteering on behalf of nature, so that conservation organizations, towns, and public agencies who need stewardship help in the outdoors can enlist interested volunteers to help. We are best able to do this when the network is large, reaching across organizations, geography, and topics of interest.  So sign up to Join the Network today! We will send you a weekly e-bulletin with a list of upcoming volunteer events and trainings in the region.

The Stewardship Network: New England is an initiative of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension , who launched the program in New England in 2013 in order to increase the capacity of conservation organizations, agencies, and researchers to engage with volunteers in the care and study of ecosystems, lands and waters.

Submitting an Event to the Calendar

We welcome submission of any event that is open to the public and related to stewardship of lands and waters in New England, including citizen science projects, to be posted on the Stewardship Network: New England online calendar. To have your event posted, fill out the "Submit an Event" online form.  We'll review it for accuracy and post it to the calendar, usually within 24 hours.

If you are an organization listing an event on our online calendar, and you do not have an online registration system of your own, please considering using ours. Volunteers expect to be able to register without having to send emails to individuals (asking interested people to email you is like handing them a blank sheet of paper). If you use our system, the event organizer will receive an email with all registration information for every person who registers through the online calendar.  There is no cost for using this system.

Citizen Science

Citizen science is research collected by non-professionals or volunteers. It's a growing trend in science communities, used to answer research questions where  widespread or large-scale data-collection is needed.

Wikipedia definition of citizen science